Relaxation, like most things, is something we learn.  It's something that gets easier with practice. Using gentle relaxation techniques we can train our minds and bodies to relax with ease. This can help with sleep problems, stress, anxiety and general relaxation.

During an hour long Relaxation and Guided Visualisation Class you will be guided through a series of images designed to calm the mind and relax the body. I always try to leave time at the end of the class for discussion or questions about the experience. Everyone experiences the visualisations differently, as everyone has different memories to draw on, so this can prove to be a very interesting discussion.

As you will be lying still for the majority of the class it is recommended that you bring along a warm blanket and wear comfortable clothing. You can also bring along eye beanbags or anything else you feel will help with the relaxation experience.

Meditation nights now run once a month and each session will have a different focus.

Contact Suzanne on 07966 929562 or email suzanne to register your interest.
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5 Stars
Bernadette Wood - 13/09/2013
Before I attended the meditation last Wednesday evening I was getting to the point where I felt I was struggling to cope. A number of issues were bubbling inside me but the overriding emotion was grief as I lost my father at Christmas and his birthday was on 7th September so I was struggling to cope with my loss again. After the meditation I felt my grief had gone and whilst walking round Sainsburys afterwards I was a column of peace. The meditation was a wonderful experience and gave me much needed reassurance. With much love and thanks, Bernadette
5 Stars
Wonderful Meditation
Lisa-Marie Penrose - 09/04/2013
I experienced the most relaxing evening at Suzanne's class. I was so relaxed and there was a lovely energy in the room where we were. Suzanne is extremely professional and makes everyone feel at ease, she attended to individuals level of comfort before carrying out the meditation. I would recommend her highly, I then had the most lovely sleep after. Thank you! x
5 Stars
Pure Relaxation.
Andrew Leach - 03/04/2013
Wether you are new to Meditation or have been doing it a number of years like myself I can say hand on heart the Guided Meditation class run by Suzanne is the best in the area. What is so important is a comfortable warm quiet room and a relaxing voice leading the meditation, Harmony gets top marks on all of these. Soon as you arrive get a nice friendly welcome and feel at ease before it starts. With gentle voice and relaxing music in background for next hour led on magical trip each week wether it be seaside, nature etc, whatever the location one thing is guaranted at the end you will feel relaxed and calm ready to face the world again. I have been going each week for months thats how much I love it. If you havent been try it for yourself, im confident you will as well.
5 Stars
Who'd have thought it!!
Tracy Maryan - 02/04/2013
So if someone a few months ago had told me that of a Wednesday evening i would be going to sit in a candle lit room with strangers (who are now friend!) and that I would be visiting places ranging from a tranquile water pool, a daisy and lavender scented feild and smelling and hearing the ocean, id have never beleived them. But i have been now for three months and the benefits i feel are amazing- i nie use techniques i have learnt in evetyday life, from stressful work environments to those where general life is just causing hassle!! People have told me a look refreshed, relaxed and in some senses younger (i think this person was after something!) Its an amazing hour with amaxing journies, bring an open mind, a sense of adventure and hust imagine the places you can be raken by the amazing voice of Suzanne!!
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