Nutritional Therapy Services

Nutritional Therapy Services

PMS: Following a blood sugar balancing diet can help with PMS and fatigue, especially as cravings, discomfort and exhaustion worsen around menstruation.

Conception & Pregnancy: Surprisingly, unhealthy sperm is sadly responsible for 60% of miscarriages; Sarah can help both partners optimise their chances of a successful conception. A woman will nourish her baby from the moment of conception, and appropriate nutritional advice during this period can assist with the baby's growth and development.

Menopause: There is evidence that supporting normal oestrogen levels may relieve menopausal symptoms, and maintain cardiovascular, bone and breast health.

Psychological Wellbeing: Nutritional therapy works to support the nervous system to function better using a variety of tools.

Initial Consultations: £75 Includes a complete health and diet review. I may ask you to complete a diet and activity diary prior to your appointment to help establish your health goals, medical conditions, and eating habits. The first appointment lasts approx 60-90 mins and will result in a practical and delicious food and lifestyle plan. The nutrition plan is typically emailed to you the following day.

Follow-up Consultations: £50 Includes a complete review of progress and any necessary tweaking. Allow approx 30-45 minutes.

Package of 3 Consultations: £160 (£15 saving) Includes one initial consultation & 2 follow-ups.

Package of 6 Consultations: £290 (£35 saving) Includes one initial consultation and 5 followups. Package consults must be held within 3 months (for 3 consults) or 6 months (for a 6 consult package).

Fees do not include supplements, referrals for other treatments, where suggested. You will also receive 10% off any nutritional supplements that I suggest. The recommended supplements are practitioner-grade - meaning they typically come in higher doses, or are food-state, ie they come as part of a food source

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