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5 Stars
amazing weekend
catherine - 07/07/2015
I spent an amazing weekend with Kate and feloow students learning about mindfulness nad more importantly putting it into practise.I gained deep meditation which I have never experienced before and am incorporating mindfulness into my daily activity. Spending the weekend enabled a mindset chnage. KAte is inspiational and a great leader. The room was pleasant to be in and I felt nourished and cared for by others and myself. The food was amazing too. Very well looked after, thank you Kate x
5 Stars
Mindfulness weekend course
Mandy - 03/07/2015
After months of feeling very stressed and getting easily upset and feeling like I couldn't always cope very well with life I decided to do Kate's Mindfulness course. I really enjoyed the weekend. Kate was so friendly and warm and made me feel safe to open up. I really enjoyed the relaxation sessions and already feel like my mind is freer and I can focus my mind better by not getting as wrapped up with issues inside my head! I hope that this will continue to improve as I practise the mindfulness techniques. Kate brought along a selection of colour essential oil spritzers aswell which was also interesting to learn about and incorporate in the sessions. It was all very relaxing and had a "retreat" kind of feel. The lunch was lovely too!! Would definitely recommend. It definitely made me rethink a lot of things which was really beneficial for me.
4 Stars
A mellow mindfulness weekend with my daughter
Mel - 10/05/2015
Having asked Kate to consider teaching her mindfulness techniques to children with high-functioning autism (and their parents!) she put together a lovely weekend of activities to introduce the ideas. We particularly enjoyed her emphasis on colour therapy. She has a calm and positive manner which immediately put the children at ease and was very flexible depending on the energy levels in the room. Overall this was an enjoyable experience and has given my daughter useful skills for life.
5 Stars
Kate's workshop
Michelle - 01/12/2014
I greatly enjoyed and benefited from Kate's weekend Mindfulness course. Harmony is a convenient, lovely and peaceful venue. Kate shared with the group many varied approaches to Mindfulness and practical exercises over the 2 days, though at no time did the course feel rushed. Kate is a warm and encouraging leaders and group facilitator. The lunches on both days were delicious. The course was great value, meaningful and an uplifting experience.
5 Stars
A mindfulness power hour!
Suzanne - 12/09/2013
I came along to one of Kate's classes quite early on and was impressed with how much I went away with. The session included so much more than basic meditation, it covered many ways that we can incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives which makes it viable for everyone, no matter how busy you are!
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